Friday, May 17, 2013

Five of Fire

The Five of Fire indicates conflict. When things like this come up, it's not in the light of negativity or to be discouraging. The angels simply acknowledge that this is not a good time. Sometimes it helps when someone puts their arms around you and says, "This is tough, my friend," and that's what the angels are doing with this card. It's like a big, gentle, loving hug in your time of need.

If this card comes up in the future position, it means that you may have a bit of a rough road coming up. But don't worry, the angels will walk with you. You will get through. If Five of Fire comes up in the past, they're acknowledging the conflict that you've already went through.

This card is also a bit subjective. Personally, I don't like conflict. It's very upsetting and I don't handle it well. But there are people who are actually motivated by conflict. The conflict inspires them to take much-need action, that they probably wouldn't otherwise do, so it's more of a motivator than a stressor to them.

One of the major messages this card carries is that difficult times don't last forever, and you are able to get through this and get to a better place. It's not going to be easy, though. Ask for the help of the angels, and make as much effort as you possibly can to bring this to a favorable resolution.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

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  1. Thank you. I drew this card today and it is spot-on. Now to try to figure my way out of what seems like a hopeless situation.