Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday and Gabriel

Today is Good Friday and I'm thinking about Archangel Gabriel. I'll admit it's not exactly Easter-y, since Gabriel is most often associated with the Christmas story. But, being the angel of communication, I've been calling on him a lot this week.

Archangel Gabriel is known to play many roles. He's the messenger of God. He's the strength of God, the power of God. He also symbolizes purity and truth, and is known to help with overcoming fears and providing motivation.

What a great entity to call upon during this holiday weekend. Family "together time" can get stressful, and we might need to call on Gabriel for a little extra Divine strength to get through it.

Happy Easter!

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good News

Today's card is the Six of Fire: Victory! Good news is on its way! Public recognition. This is a really great card for Holy Week, and it landed right on Maundy Thursday.

That Thursday, things weren't looking good for Jesus, King of the Jews. He was going to trial. Last week he was hailed as a hero, this week he's facing the death penalty. Pontius Pilate might pardon someone, but it wasn't likely to be Jesus. 

So how can good news be on the way? Victory? Public recognition? Jesus was facing the prospect of a gruesome death. 

But we all know how it turned out: 

On the third day he rose again 
in accordance with the Scriptures; 
he ascended into heaven 
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.*

Good news, indeed.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

*excerpt from The Nicene Creed

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Re-visiting Indecision

The third card this week is Two of Air, which surprised me because in the short time that I've been blogging, it's one of the handful of cards that I've already talked about. 

This card is about the inability or unwillingness to make a decision, even though, intuitively, you know what the decision should be. I know I'm not the only one to struggle with the plague of second-guessing everything I do, say, or think; but I was still like, "Hm. The Two of Air. Again?"

The card I pulled after the Two of Air was the King of Air. The King of Air tells us to speak our minds with confidence. Alright-y, then. Speak my mind with confidence. But wait -- it also says to seek professional advice. So maybe getting an affirmation from someone trustworthy is in order. 

Clearly, we can't be stuck in indecision forever. I believe that each of us has the ability to make good decisions on our own, but today's message is that it's OK to bounce your ideas off someone you trust. 

We are not in this world alone.

In love and light, 
Krystal Kay White

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Awakenings

The second card this week is "Awakening" from the Angel Tarot deck. The message of Awakening is to see things from a different perspective. Again, what an appropriate card for spring! 

How can you look out a window in winter, then look out the very same window in spring, and have the same perspective? As the quiet blanket of winter gives way to the noisy colors of spring, you witness an awakening. The stillness of winter is over, and the re-birth of spring is here.

Spring brings obvious changes to our world  -- snow gives way to grass, barren trees bud, birds sing. We have more daylight, we have more energy. It would be nice if all of our spiritual awakenings were as obvious as the changing of the seasons, but they are often much more subtle. Maybe they need to be so as not to overwhelm us.

As we awaken from our self-imposed winter hibernation, I pray that we will all find ourselves in full bloom again. 

In love and light, 
Krystal Kay White

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Creative Twist

This week I decided to let the Angels and Ascended Masters guide me to draw a card for each day of the week. The card for Monday is the Three of Earth, which is about the power of creativity. It's kind of cool that this card came up, because the week before last, we talked about being creative, and the freedom that creativity can release. 

It's also interesting to me that it's an Earth card. Earth cards can refer to things that are happening with job, money, school, and home life; in other words, Earthly matters. But, Earth cards can also refer to the Earth itself, in the Mother Nature sense. So with spring officially starting last week, an Earth card seems so appropriate.

I know I'm wishfully thinking about my flower garden and all the creative things I can do with it. What, in your life, are you thinking about putting a new creative twist on? 

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Beauty of Life

Take time this weekend to notice the beauty that is life. Notice it in such places as nature, song, and each other. No matter where we look we can find beauty, if only we look deep enough.

When was the last time you stopped, even for a second or two, to look at the sun or the moon? And if you do stop, do you stop just long enough to notice, or do you truly pause to experience it on a different level? 

If you stop to look at flowers, do you also pause to smell them? When you stop for a beautiful sight, do you take time to reflect on it? Do you give thanks that it came into your life at that moment?

This weekend will be a time for me to make a conscious effort to notice, and to give thanks for, all the beauty that surrounds me. 

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emotional Healing

This week, it seems like I was drawn to discussing how to deal with challenging situations. I didn't really do it on purpose, I just blog about whatever comes to mind. After three posts on that, I felt like I've said all I wanted to say about it for now.

So, needing a blog post for Thursday, I turned to a deck of cards called Magical Unicorns. I haven't looked at them in a while, but I felt I would find inspiration there.

I pulled the "Healer" card, and instantly felt amazed. It's so appropriate, so Divinely inspired. (As if it would have happened any other way. And while I wish I would have thought of it on my own, this is just more proof that I need the Holy Spirit's guidance.) The Healer card says, "You have the power to help and heal others." That power comes through us from the Divine.

Emotional healing is all about having faith and asking for Divine guidance, and living life to be of service to others. Isn't that an awesome way to deal with challenges? What a great reminder this is, and for that I'm grateful.

In love and light, 
Krystal Kay White

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Overcoming Difficulties

It's so easy to get bogged down in negativity when bad things happen, but we always need to ask ourselves if there's a bigger reason why this is happening. In the grand scheme of things, the biggest growth opportunities are often the most painful.

When you're in a difficult place, realize that it's bigger than you. We so often think we can take care of matters that only God can take care of. Imagine God telling you, "Don't worry, just let me guide you. I'll take care of you, if you let me."

The second thing to realize is that this may not be about you. I know that's hard to process when something is clearly affecting you, but you just might be a player in someone else's journey. As much as it pains you to see what's going on, know that there will come a time when the difficulties end.

It's only in realizing that you can't control difficult situations that you find peace. Instead of looking at it through the lens of frustration, try to look at it through the lens of love. Know that everything is happening exactly the way it's supposed to, and when it's time for you to understand it, you will.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Release Your Fears

We're all afraid of something. As we mature, we become less and less likely to share our fears, so we stuff them down or ignore them, hoping they die of neglect. But they usually don't. They know when they're being ignored, and they start yelling louder.

So here they are, yelling, "Look! Look!" and we wonder why we get moody. We get moody because the possibility of everything good turning bad is unsettling. But what we need to ask ourselves is, "Is it true? Are these fears real?"

There are many reasons why fear might be popping up. Maybe it's there to tell you to take action. Or maybe it's there to tell you that particular phase of your life is over, and you don't need to carry this fear around anymore. Whatever the reason is, it's not a mystery. Intuitively, you know why the fear is there and you know how to overcome it. 

When a fear is holding you back, look within and ask yourself if truly you want to move forward. When you're ready, release your fears. Hand them over to a Higher Power, and if they come back, let them know that they are no longer welcome.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Monday, March 18, 2013

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

In an earlier post we talked about how being around negative people doesn't make you a better person. Today we're going to talk about the advantages of being around positive  people.

When you surround yourself with like-minded people, you create an emotional support group. Their presence lifts you up spiritually and enriches your Earthly life. It's very important for each of us to have that positive force in our daily lives. 

If you're searching for a safe, supportive network of people, call upon Archangel Sandalphon, the angel of prayer, to help you. When you can't quite get to that Higher level, give your prayers to Sandalphon and he'll take them there. He's also the Archangel of music, so you may want to let music carry you to a special place of prayer.

If you have such a network, use it. You'll find that there's no difference between giving and receiving when you're with like-minded people. As your presence enriches others, their presence enriches you.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Power of Creativity

One of our biggest gifts is our ability to be creative. This gift unlocks a whole new world for us. 

Creativity gives us a chance to express our true selves, or to pretend we're someone else. It gives us a chance to escape, or a chance to confront. The limitless diversity of creativity is magical.

As the weekend approaches, wouldn't it be wonderful to set aside some time to be creative? There are so many ways to express yourself. It can physically manifest through dancing, singing, painting, or writing. Or it can remain unseen, as an imaginary scene or a comforting thought. 

The power of the mind is infinite. Creative endeavors can free your soul and bring you to happy places, thus reducing the effects of stress in your life.

Take this weekend to create something magical in your world. 

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Take Time to Rest

In this hustle and bustle world, slowing down can be viewed as a sign of weakness. It's like no one can be tired anymore without having a "valid" reason. Rest is only for the sick or those going through publicly-known trauma. Of course, I'm being ridiculous to prove a point. The point is that self-care is very important, and getting enough rest is key to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Today's card is the Four of Air from Angel Tarot Cards. The picture shows four unicorns in a forest. What stands out most is that the unicorn in the center is lying down, curled up sleeping. She rests. 

The other unicorns stand back and allow her, her time. She needs to be alone. She needs to take a break from the stresses and responsibilities of her life. In restful solitude she can take time to reflect on what's going on. In quiet stillness she can meditate before making a decision.

She needs to rest. She needs to spend quiet time alone. This is how she communes with the Higher Realm when life is overwhelming. In doing this, she finds her answers. 

And so it is.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Detaching from Negativity

There seems to be an idea floating around that tolerating the lower vibrations of others makes you a better person. While there's something to be said for being kind to others, and seeing the Light of God in each and every person you meet, emotionally attaching yourself to someone who is following a line of darkness or destruction can be quite harmful.

Bringing the negative energies of others into your field does not help you. It doesn't help you grow and it doesn't make you better. It brings lower vibrations to you, and these lower vibrations try to pull you down. 

Yes, it's important to get along with others, but if someone is channeling such things as violence, hatred, and self-destructive behaviors, it's perfectly alright to detach from that person. In fact, it's quite healthy. 

Detaching doesn't mean turning your back entirely, not does it mean condemning them. It means sending them the best and highest vibrations through the Divine Realm, and keeping a spot open for them in your life when they're able to align themselves with more positive life forces.

This process is difficult on many levels, so if you feel the need to detach from a particular person, ask for Divine Guidance and it will be given to you.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Say No and Not Feel Bad About It

So many of us have trouble saying no. There's a joke going around Facebook that "No" is a complete sentence, and if anyone needs a longer explanation, the longer version is "Hell, no."

Joking aside, we tend to feel guilty -- or perhaps more accurately, people try to make us feel guilty -- when we don't do what they want. If you're a people-pleaser (like I am), saying no is one of the most difficult life skills to learn. So how can you say no and not feel bad about it? 

The answer is: Listen to Your True Feelings. (Which is a card from the Magical Unicorns deck.) The printed message on the card is "Don't let others talk you into doing something you know is wrong." And this doesn't necessarily only pertain to things that are wrong in a criminal or immoral sense. This pertains to matters that are wrong for you at any given time. 

Deep inside, whether you call it a little voice, your intuition, or Divine Guidance, you know what's right for you, and you know what's wrong for you. If someone asks you to do something that's not in alignment with your best and highest self, saying no is the right thing to do. 

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Monday, March 11, 2013

Try Something New

Friday's post was about stretching your wings and flying, so it seems appropriate that today's card is about trying something new.

Today's card is the Page of Earth. The Page is a messenger, or a message. In this case, The Page is telling us that there is either a change or a need for change in a certain area. Earth relates to matters of Earthly concerns such as money, job, education, and health issues. So, we have a message about changes, or needing to make changes, in our Earthly lives.

Think about what on your Earthly plane that needs to be changed. (Maybe you already know!) Are you interested in pursuing something more challenging? Is a new area of study calling you? Or perhaps a healthier diet or a new exercise plan has been on your mind. Whatever positive change is on your mind, this is the time to do it.

This card indicates that the changes you are going through, or are thinking about going through, are definitely good, positive, and blessed.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Friday, March 8, 2013

Stretch Your Wings and Fly!

Stretch your wings and fly! What a wonderful message! 

This message comes from the Queen of Fire (Angel Tarot Cards). Fire: your passions, desires, ideas, oftentimes your career aspirations. The Queen (like a queen bee): taking charge, creating, nesting.

When the Queen of Fire comes up, the Angels are telling you it's your time to shine. Believe in yourself! You have the power and abilities to create what you desire. 

For some reason, this seems like such an appropriate card for a Friday. Take this weekend to think about your dreams and desires. Are you living them? Or do they constantly get pushed to the back burner? Is there something you really want to do, but you find yourself making excuses as to why you're not doing it?

If the only thing that's holding you back is you, take this weekend to think about what you would do if your life had no limits. If you could stretch your wings and fly, where would you go?

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Hermit

So many people are afraid to see The Hermit, thinking his presence means loneliness and isolation. They get caught up in the negative connotation of his name -- how can a hermit be a good thing in a society that so highly values popularity? Particularly, they think his presence means lonely and isolated times are coming into their own lives. That would be a sad and ominous message, so it's a good thing it's not true. 

The Hermit is about your own spiritual growth, which is the most personal thing there is. You can share your spirituality with as many people as you want, you can draw inspiration from as many sources as you want, but ultimately, your spiritual side is yours, and yours alone. No one can tell you how to walk your journey. Your spiritual path is your choice.

The Hermit is about your own enlightenment. Every deck I know of shows The Hermit carrying a lantern. And that's the key to The Hermit -- his lantern. Because of my background, every time I see him and his lantern I think "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (Psalm 119:105.) I had to look that up, because I often misquote it. I usually think the quote is, "Jesus is a lamp unto my feet..." which doesn't make sense since I know the quote is from somewhere in Psalms. 

But that doesn't really matter, because in my spirituality time isn't quite that linear, and Jesus can be a lamp unto my feet if that's how I feel about Him. Really, any true spirituality can (and will) be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. And that's why The Hermit showed up. To tell you to go ahead and follow the path. The way is already lit for you. 

In love and light,

Krystal Kay White

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Talk About Your Feelings

Does it help to talk about your feelings? Sometimes it really doesn't. For example, if a "friend" hounds you for details on a subject that upsets you, you don't owe it to her to make yourself upset. But on the other hand, if talking to a true friend quickens the healing process, then it's a good thing. 

I'm kind of chatty, so I pretty much never need to be told to "talk about it." But some people just aren't so loose with words. For these people, there's a card in the Magical Unicorn deck called "Talk about your feelings." 

It's actually kind of a happy-looking card. (The picture makes me giggle.) The picture is of a brown unicorn (brown unicorn?) talking to a cat.

The cat is a white long-haired cat, who seems wise and interested. The brown unicorn is so much larger than the cat, but he seems to be a bit timid, almost emotionally withdrawn. The cat is motioning with her hand, as if to say, "Go on. It's safe. I care."

What a lovely message. Sometimes we can knock things around in our heads all we want, but we don't get what we need until we share it with someone else -- someone who is wise and safe.

In love and light, 
Krystal Kay White

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Should I or shouldn't I? That's the question.  

Maybe I won't do anything, because if I wait long enough the problem will solve itself. Or someone else will step in to take care of it. Or, better yet, some cosmic shift will occur that makes everything move in my favor, without me having to actually do anything. Well, maybe sometimes that's true, but sometimes it's not. But how do I know the difference?

I pulled a card from the Angel Tarot deck and it was the Two of Air. "Being unable or unwilling to make a decision."   Yes, that's me. More often than I'd like to admit. 

The picture shows two unicorns butting heads. Bumping against each other, getting nowhere, most likely making things worse by wasting time staying right where they are. But wait, their horns are illuminated. Why is that? 

The illumination is there because they know -- deep down inside -- they know what to do. The light symbolizes the light of God, and it's manifested through intuition. So while I might spend my time pretending there isn't a problem, or convincing myself I'm right where I'm supposed to be, the Truth says to put an end to self-doubt, have faith in my own wisdom and intuition, and move forward.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

Monday, March 4, 2013

It's OK to Be Different

The image is that of a unicorn in a forest. The unicorn's neck is bent down, as she appears to be talking eye-to-eye with a squirrel who's sitting on a stump. The squirrel is poised on his back legs, front paws in the air, tail straight up, holding the unicorn's gaze.

They seem to be having an intensely loving exchange, this unicorn and squirrel. Some would say the unicorn is an imaginary fancy, and others would say the squirrel is a pesky rodent. A fairy tale and a nuisance, these two are quite a pair. Yet, the respect they have for each other is so clear.

Meanwhile, bunnies look on, as if learning from the interchange. A skunk approaches, and no one is scared. It's OK to be different here in this forest. All living things respect each other. The mountain is no better than the tree, and the earth no greater than the sky.

And so it is.

In love and light, 
Krystal Kay White

*"It's OK to Be Different" is a card in the Magical Unicorn Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

Friday, March 1, 2013

On the Subject of Forgiveness

When I think about forgiveness, I'm reminded of a woman I know who teaches classes on spirituality. She starts each class by standing up, palms open and upward, and with a big smile she asks, "When is God good?" And the class responds, "God is always good."

Sometimes she asks a second time, "When is God good?" And the group says, a little louder this time, "God is aaaaaal-ways good."

And so it is for forgiveness. When should we forgive? We should always forgive. Forgiveness doesn't mean tolerating abuse and it doesn't mean staying in toxic relationships. It means releasing negative feelings and finding, or returning to, a place of inner-peace. Forgiveness requires strength, love, and reflection.

Here are a few quotes to meditate on when forgiveness seems difficult:

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. ~Mahatma Gahndi

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.  ~Paul Boese

As long as you don't forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy a rent-free space in your mind. ~Isabelle Holland

Forgiveness is a funny thing.  It warms the heart and cools the sting.  ~William Arthur Ward

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. ~Suzanne Somers

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White