Monday, May 20, 2013

Six of Fire

Six of Fire is a very clear card. It's message is: Victory!

So often, people are unsure if they're doing the right thing. The usually have a pretty good sense if they should continue on, or switch course; but they often need some extra encouragement or reassurance. The Six of Fire indicates, without a doubt, that not only are you doing the right thing, but you are going to see positive results from this endeavor.

When Six of Fire comes up, it may also mean that you will be publicly recognized or rewarded for your previous hard work. This card is all about good news and good fortune, particularly related to a job situation.

Some cards are pretty deeply layered, but the Six of Fire isn't. I like to see it come up for two reasons. The first, of course, is that it's good news! The second is that it's so clear. There are no "buts" or "what ifs" with this card. All is good, good, good. :)

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

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