Angel Tarot Card Readings

Angel card readings provide insight and guidance. Through the readings, the angels acknowledge your situation. They can help you see things with more clarity, or help you to develop a better perspective. They'll tell you if you're moving in the right direction, or if you need to reconsider. Using gentle acknowledgement and encouragement, the angels will guide you toward bettering your life situation and connecting to your spiritual side on a deeper level.

Angel card readings are similar to tarot card readings, but they're much gentler. A lot of people are afraid of tarot readings, thinking that they might get scary messages. The Angel Tarot Deck doesn't have any scary messages.

Most of the cards in the Angel Tarot deck are the same as traditional tarot, with a few exceptions. For example, the Death card in traditional tarot scares people, and it really shouldn't. It doesn't necessarily predict the death of a person as much as it indicates the end of a situation and the need to let go of it and move on. Therefore, there is no Death card in the Angel Tarot Deck, but there is a card called Release.

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In love and light,
Krystal Kay White 

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