Sunday, February 24, 2013

When to End a Friendship

The question of when to end a friendship can be tricky. There are matters of loyalty, trust, and history involved. And then there's that ego-voice in the back of our minds telling us we *have* to get along with others, it wouldn't be very spiritually advanced of us to not to like someone. But to stay centered in our highest spiritual selves, we sometimes do need to cut ties with people who are bringing toxic energies to our lives. 

I pulled one card today, to see what the angels had to say about ending a friendship. The card was Queen of Fire. I was a little surprised to see Fire, and not Water or Air, but I trust the angels. Fire is desires, and the Queen can be yourself, or creating. So create your desires. 

The message written on the card is "Stretch your wings and fly." Additional messages of this card are "Don't underestimate yourself," and "You'll naturally attract other people to assist you." 

If someone in your life is weighing you down, so you're not able to spread your wings and fly, it's absolutely okay to distance yourself, even if it means ending a friendship. Have faith in yourself, healthier relationships are coming.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

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  1. Your new blog is so pretty, Kay! I think many of us are being stretched right now to find resonant friends and distance ourselves from those who no longer resonate. Sometimes I think we can scale back contact and other times it is best to cut ties. Tuning in to see if we feel good after we are with them helps to know what to do. Thank you for the insights. Carmen (dba Magena)