Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Accepting Life's Changes

Today's oracle card is "Hello and Good-bye" from the Magical Unicorn deck. As the words imply, something's coming, something's going -- things are changing. We have to be able to take things in stride. As one situation begins, we say hello; as another ends, we say good-bye.

The images on this card are filled with fairy tale symbolism. In the background we see a magical castle, which instantly makes me think of Cinderella. I also see Mother Goose, Henny Penny, and one of the dwarfs (since he's smiling I think he's Happy). Puss-in-boots, the Gingerbread man, the tortoise,  and the frog and the prince are all there, too. There are two children (Jack and Jill?) on a winged horse (Pegasus) moving through all this, and Tinkerbell flies nearby.

This scene reminds us of the changes we've already been through. We've left the phase of being read to. We were able to say good-bye to it easily. As other interests and growth opportunities entered our life, it seemed natural to say hello to them and move effortlessly toward them. 

As we get older, saying good-bye becomes more difficult. Saying hello -- learning new things, accepting change -- can be daunting. This card assures us that this is the natural cycle of life. The words at the bottom of this card are "You'll soon see that this change will make things better." 

If you're at a point where a change is going on, be assured that it's for the best. Know that going through changes can be as easy and effortless as saying hello and good-bye. 

In love and light, 
Krystal Kay White


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