Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter, Communion, and Overwhelming Love

Today is Easter, church is over, dinner is over, and I have some quiet time at the computer. Time to reflect.

This morning the minister gave a sermon on the crucifixion. It's the Easter story that we all know, but she told it differently. She talked about the King of Jews being nailed to a cross, and all the while praying for the people who were crucifying him. She said that he died to bring the world overwhelming love. I swear, overwhelming love -- that's what she said. Not everlasting love, (although that's implied in the story) but overwhelming love.

She went on to talk about Jesus's blood being caught in the Holy Grail, but not all of it. Some droplets fell to the ground. In each place where a drop of Christ's blood hit the Earth, a beautiful flower, shrub, or tree grew. What a lovely way to put a comforting twist on an otherwise gruesome scene. Images of Hollywoood's gore and fire-and-brimstone preaching can be put aside. In today's story, Jesus's blood was shed, and beauty sprang from it.

During the next part of the service, we went up to light a candle for our loved ones who have transitioned, and were invited to take a communion cup (wafer and juice) back to our seats with us. As I sat holding my communion cup, these words came to me:

Eat this, as a symbol of the body of Christ, and let it nourish you with overwhelming love.

Drink this, as a symbol of the body of Christ, and let it grow into beauty.

I wanted to share The Reverend's words. I wanted to share the message that I received through her. I feel that I can call upon those words and their meaning at any time. (I know a lot of religions have very specific rules, and I don't necessarily buy into a lot of those rules.) I feel that I can have a "holy communion" at any time. And so can you.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

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