Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Awakenings

The second card this week is "Awakening" from the Angel Tarot deck. The message of Awakening is to see things from a different perspective. Again, what an appropriate card for spring! 

How can you look out a window in winter, then look out the very same window in spring, and have the same perspective? As the quiet blanket of winter gives way to the noisy colors of spring, you witness an awakening. The stillness of winter is over, and the re-birth of spring is here.

Spring brings obvious changes to our world  -- snow gives way to grass, barren trees bud, birds sing. We have more daylight, we have more energy. It would be nice if all of our spiritual awakenings were as obvious as the changing of the seasons, but they are often much more subtle. Maybe they need to be so as not to overwhelm us.

As we awaken from our self-imposed winter hibernation, I pray that we will all find ourselves in full bloom again. 

In love and light, 
Krystal Kay White

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