Friday, March 8, 2013

Stretch Your Wings and Fly!

Stretch your wings and fly! What a wonderful message! 

This message comes from the Queen of Fire (Angel Tarot Cards). Fire: your passions, desires, ideas, oftentimes your career aspirations. The Queen (like a queen bee): taking charge, creating, nesting.

When the Queen of Fire comes up, the Angels are telling you it's your time to shine. Believe in yourself! You have the power and abilities to create what you desire. 

For some reason, this seems like such an appropriate card for a Friday. Take this weekend to think about your dreams and desires. Are you living them? Or do they constantly get pushed to the back burner? Is there something you really want to do, but you find yourself making excuses as to why you're not doing it?

If the only thing that's holding you back is you, take this weekend to think about what you would do if your life had no limits. If you could stretch your wings and fly, where would you go?

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White


  1. Such a positive post, can't wait to read more from you!

  2. A great exercise that I should take advantage of. I think I'll take some time to reflect on it this weekend.