Monday, March 11, 2013

Try Something New

Friday's post was about stretching your wings and flying, so it seems appropriate that today's card is about trying something new.

Today's card is the Page of Earth. The Page is a messenger, or a message. In this case, The Page is telling us that there is either a change or a need for change in a certain area. Earth relates to matters of Earthly concerns such as money, job, education, and health issues. So, we have a message about changes, or needing to make changes, in our Earthly lives.

Think about what on your Earthly plane that needs to be changed. (Maybe you already know!) Are you interested in pursuing something more challenging? Is a new area of study calling you? Or perhaps a healthier diet or a new exercise plan has been on your mind. Whatever positive change is on your mind, this is the time to do it.

This card indicates that the changes you are going through, or are thinking about going through, are definitely good, positive, and blessed.

In love and light,
Krystal Kay White

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